F350 rear axle identification

F350 rear axle identification

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2002 f350 Wiring Diagram - Free ebook download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read book toothed speed indicator ring used. to determine axle speed. As ring teeth pass by reluctance sensor, a A variable reluctance sensor and. toothed speed indicator ring used. B25 Rear axle speed sensor...Spring Spacer F350 chassis cab, f-super duty, f350, 136, 160 wheelbas.; Spring Spacer F150, 4wd. F250 & 350. F350 chassis cab, f-super duty, f350, 133, 155, 168 wb.

Plate gp-axle identification. Y. Separate illustration. 234-4254 axle gp-oscillating -single disc brake-rear, standard differential s/n TFW1-545 part of 235-6843 axle ar-oscillating an attachment.The axles are different lengths, so mark which side each came from so they don’t get mixed up. Ford 8 inch rear axle bearings and the bearing retainers are press fit, so you’ll need to drop your axle shafts off at a competent machine or mechanic shop to have the old bearings and retainers removed and new ones pressed on.

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Absolutely. I have a 2000 7.3 diesel drw that has 3.73 rear end. There is a tag between 2 of the bolts on the rear cover, it should be stamped on that tag. I am not positive about this but, I believe that this indicates that the axle has a 3.00:1 gear ratio. Check with you local Ford dealer for a definitive answer.All Dana axles have a Bill of Materials (BOM) number stamped into the long axle tube that can be used to look up many of the axle's important details including the gear ratio, ring gear rotation, differential type and spline count, as well as a complete list of replacement parts.

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1997 Spicer/Dana 80 (Stock #218-12884853) Differentials & Differential Parts / Axles, Complete Rears

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